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  4. Sherif Joe is not going to back down. I started this investigation before the election and I will not back down. The evidence is clear and overwhelming. What are the facts are the facts. If it looks like a forged birth certificate it must be a forged birth certificate. I plan to turn up the heat in the next few days. I mailed Sheriff Joe last week some important information not covered in his news conference. Will keep you updated.

  5. I’m a bit of a flirt too, so I know what you mean by that. I had to realize that just because I don’t take them seriously, doesn’t mean they don’t feel some kind of way about it, lol. But hey, we can be friends, lol…@ulla- without causing drama?

  6. Pro baron:Díky za reakci a nabídku. A omlouvám se za pozdní odpověď.A nic nového jsem zatím v tom smÄ›ru nevyčenichal:-((((((( *A jak pokračují trnky…, v tÄ›ch mrazech teď?Zítra snad tam do té sekce jeÅ¡tÄ› nÄ›co pÅ™idám protože mám s nima jen ty nejlepší zkuÅ¡enosti a zážitky:-)))))))Rafael

  7. Excellent post Emily. I’ve had plans previously to go to Tai Shan (and Qufu), but it’s still on the list. I didn’t realize that once I move down to Suzhou in two days I’ll be but a province away from Shandong… might have to make a point to mandate my ass up that mountain.

  8. that’s not true.Again you want it you pay for it or organize a group that can completely fund it without any taxpayer support. Don’t look to others to fund and keep things that appeal to your “tastes”. What is it about the Fiscal Cliff, the county, state, and city budget deficits that you don’t understand….? there’s no money, the DEMs (mostly0 have spent it all on lots of other things we didn’t need.

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